Saturday, June 20, 2009

One day...

I was thinking today about some goals I'd like to achieve in the remaining months of this year, and one of them was to blog more regularly. I was thinking about Zoomtard and how it is the hit blog amongst young Irish evangelicals, and it's very well written and often pithy and witty, but some of the conclusions he draws I really have some reservations about, and I'd love to be another voice that is able to contribute to the thought life of that crowd... but then I thought of how much I suck at keeping self imposed deadlines.
I had a great chat with an acquaintance of mine last thursday about how we are totally able to perform well when there is a schedule to follow that other people are depending on you to complete, but when it's just extra curricular activities we rarely get around to doing them at all. And we agreed that it causes a lot of extra strain on our closest relationships because we are like that. So i'd like to grow out of it one day.

but speaking of deadlines, I have to have a sermon prepared to preach tomorrow morning and I would be a lot better off re-writing my outline than writing this blog.

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nic lazz said...

your lame. blog more. i bet if you read more calvinists, or became one, you would blog more. there is just so much more talk about.