Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Worst.Sunday.Ever...But God,

Hi Alex how are you? Church was really difficult this morning. Music mix was real bad electric guitar way too loud and I couldn't fix it, then started sermon and two babies cried
D for the first ten minutes or so veryhard to concentrate. In mass you can let your baby cry all you want and it doesn't matter . Different culture.
Then the sermon seemed so disjointed and rambling I didn't feel much flow between poinrs just isolated thoughts strung together and then as I was concluding some guy wanted to know if he could interject and add his own thoughts. That kind of through me off
Then I cocluded and went and sat Down. Just absolutely dejected and apologizing to god for sucking so much and wasting everyones time. Then the worship team came up to do the second set and I am clicking through PowerPoint for them and just as I M saying to myself at least slides aren't giving me any problems then it turns out that a verse of how great is our God was missing so I had to put a blank slide up for that verse while most of the congregation mumbled along with Dan. Ant then right after that in the beginning of the next song the battery of my laptop died!!!! I tried to find the cord but it was nowhere to be found. Just the absolute worst Sunday ever.
But then people came up to me and said what an a
Amazing sermon it was. At first I thought it was just a sympathy pleatitude but after the fourth one I started to believe them that it was actually helpful for them. Said God really spke to them. One guy said he could was shaking through most of it and throughout the worship songs at the end!
I don't know if God translated my scattered thoughts mid air and caused them to make sense and be A blessing to the people or if I just have a really mature congregation that is able to gain nourishment and to benefit from any paltry sermon, or maybe my formulas about what ingredients must be necessary for a good sermon aren't actually as importAnt as ithought.
God was very good to our little church today definitely in spite of anything I was able to bring to them. Just wanted to shoot you a quick email telling you about it. It was a real encouragement to me so i wanted tosharw it with you. This took a reAl long time to type out, since it's on my phone (rachel has the laptop at church right now for worship practice) I might post this on my blog, since it took so stinking long to type I at least want my loyal readers to be able to benefit from my labour. Nic lazz and Conor berry are the only people that read it I think. Grat talking to you last night. Look forward to the next time! Soli Deo Gloria.

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