Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Cole Slaw is good for the first couple bites, but there comes a point when it just turns disgusting.

The ESV Journaling Bible is the best spent twenty-five euro of my life. I don't have a single complaint about it. This Easter marked one year of preaching from it. An absolutely amazing Bible. You should buy it.

Someone is buying my new friend Clay a tattoo gun. And I've volunteered to let him practice on me. so I'm going to have some pretty interesting looking legs from this point on.


nic lazzz said...

clay like clay from dundalk? oh man...i wish i could be there as well. i would for sure be in the 'funny looking legs crew' (maybe FLF, like ELF but not really?)

oh and on your comment on my blog on art. 1, you should feel no shame in my opinion for your Jesus tattoo. 2, i was just saying i need to be more biblical in my thinking and artistic expression, and more in the fear of God when i do things people are going to look at in the moment, or the rest of my life. love you man, im praying for you

nic lazzz said...

i forgot...

...i wholeheartedly agree with your observations...they are really important. so important that i am going to link them onto my blog.