Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love this stuff

We just finished the book of Genesis at church. we started it in June of last year and finished it a couple days ago. 13 months in that great book. I especially enjoyed looking at the life of Joseph, especially as a foreshadow of the life and ministry of Jesus. Here's some stuff I threw together. (i can't get the formatting right so that it comes out in the nice little chart i made)

Joseph Parallels Jesus
37:2 A shepherd of his father’s sheep John 10:11,27-29
37:3 His father loved him dearly Matthew 3:17
37:4 Hated by his brothers John 7:4,5
37:13,14 Sent by his father to his brothers Hebrews 2:11
37:20 Others plotted to harm him John 11:53
37:23 Robes taken from them John 19:23,24
37:26 Taken to Egypt Matthew 2:14,15
37:28 Sold for the price of a slave Matthew 26:15
39:7 Tempted Matthew 4:1
39:16-18 Falsely accused Matthew 26:59-60
39:20 Bound in chains Matthew 27:2
40:2,3 Placed with two other prisoners, one was saved and the other lost Luke 23:32
41:41 Exalted after sufferings Philippians 2:9-11
42:24, 45:2,14,15, 46:29 both wept John 11:35
45:1-15 Forgave those who wronged them Luke 23:34
45:7 Saved their nation Matthew 1:21
50:20 What men did to hurt them, God used for good 1 Corinthians 2:7,8

Next wednesday night one of the brainy guys in the fellowship is going to do a talk on Sola Scriptura, then after that I'm going to start a 3 week series on God.
week 1. Father.
week 2. Son.
week 3. Holy Spirit.

Then after that we're going to start the book of Exodus. Can anyone recommend a good commentary?

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