Friday, April 25, 2008

friday morning

my darling son pulled off about 1/3 of the keys from my keyboard the other day. so i haven't used the computer much lately. typing takes a long time because i have to depress the little buds that remain after the keypad carnage that took place.

outreach team from ccbc germany leaves today, it was great having them. gave away hundreds of cups of tea and talked to a lot of people about jesus. last night a 7 foot tall demon possessed man tried to kill me, but it worked out all right. i came home and listened to fernando ortega for a bit to calm down before i went to bed.

i'll post some pics later on, (unfortunately no one got any shots of the man who wanted to kill me). rachel is going away to dublin for a ladies retreat, so me and eoin are having a lad's weekend starting now!

typing this took a lot longer than it should have.

p.s. i hate facebook chat, does anyone know how to disable it?

1 comment:

Conor said...

I know the solution to your facebook problem. Its called Skype, you should get into it!