Saturday, May 3, 2008

because audio blogging is easier than typing

i recorded this into my phone while i was walking home from a street outreach last night.

if that doesn't work (as i suspect it won't) go here


Conor said...

I enjoyed that, very personal and encouraging

Michael Spotts: . said...

Hi, Mike. I believe I sat next to you in a class back in 03'. Maybe it was How to Counsel God's Way (which, surprisingly, I recall not thinking was how God would counsel people). As well, I am a dear friend of Toby (Rex) Hancock. I don't know if you two ever kept up. Either way, I thank God that you are still in the word and serving Christ. I was born again, to the best of my knowledge, just about two years ago now, long after bible college, so I have a different, more grateful perspective seeing brothers walking.

Anyways, if you're curious, here's some photos of Tobey with his wife...

Tobey and Charity

Peace in Christ,
-Mike Spotts:.

Anonymous said...